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The Vision

A look into the future.

In order to fulfill this Mission, we have developed a broadly based Concept Plan (the “Vision”) which, if supported by government and citizens will take the City forward into the balance of this century. The Task Force meets with influencers, political representatives, community leaders, and the thousands of residents of this City who are ready for a change of attitude towards this dynamic City. We are actively making a widespread community appeal for support of our Vision and Concept Plan.



Becoming a global leader and world-class city.


our mission

Dedicated to change.

To transform Brampton into a City that will deliver an excellent quality of lifestyle to its citizens so that they will be able to live, work, and play in this city and proudly refer to Brampton as "Home".

Furthermore, Brampton will develop itself globally as a world leader in technology, industry, education, and Human Resources so that regional and international industries and enterpreneurs will also call Brampton "Home".